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Title: Extending Schengen VISA
Post by: sscotti on May 18, 2017, 09:23:39 am
I arrived in Austria (Vienna) on 28 February.  American tourist.  I'd like to extend my stay because I'm thinking about staying in Europe, either to work, study, get married, something like that.  I don't want to overstay my VISA.  Wondering what is the most appropriate way to extend my stay.

Options seem to be:

1.  Apply for an extension (not sure how to do that).
2.  Leave the Schengen region briefly and then come back to Austria.

Any help with that ?

Thank you.

Stephen D. Scotti

Title: Re: Extending Schengen VISA
Post by: steven on May 24, 2017, 05:01:31 pm
Hi Stephen, unfortunately, neither option will help you.

1. Extension is usually granted in exceptional cases only. See this thread for more details:

Schengen visa extension (
( )

2. Just leaving the Schengen region for a few days does not help you to comply with the 90/180 rule. See for example these threads:

Your viable option might be to pursue a residence permit.

Title: Re: Extending Schengen VISA
Post by: sscotti on May 25, 2017, 05:30:03 am
Thanks. I've explored a whole bunch of options, including marriage.  That is a viable option, but the 2 people that make that decision might feel kind of stupid about it after they get to know one another better.  Why would you marry someone who you just met so you could be a citizen of their country.  Governments probably don't even allow that.

Another option would be to go to Romania.  That isn't that far away and I have a friend there who I believe that I could stay with.  I think that I could get into Romania legally.  I only have a few more days left on my VISA for Austria.  I actually kind of have a burning desire to go to Bucharest and spend some time on the beach so I can see the Black Sea.

Unfortunately, I am not out of money and credit so I cannot purchase a train ticket.  I guess I could go the train station and ask people to help be buy a ticket.  That works if hang out in the station long enough and people actually give you money.  I've done that, given money to strangers who look like they need some help with something.  It  isn't the money, it is what they need it for.  I usually ask, just to understand what they need the money for.  Somestimes people just want money for the sake of having some money, which is OK.  Some people like to collect coins and money.  For example, the Italian Euro has Da Vinci's Vitruvian man on the tails side.  I like that.  It means something to me.  Not so sure about some of the other Euro Coins.  They are all different.  In fact, they probably are not all really worth the same.  There must be an exchange rate for Euro's, is that true ?

Never really thought of asking for money on a blog like this, but I guess I am asking.  Can somewhere wire me about $1000.00.  A single person or a group of people could do that.  We can discuss it offline.

Title: Re: Extending Schengen VISA
Post by: steven on June 05, 2017, 12:28:53 pm
A train ticket from Austria to Bucharest costs less than the amount you are asking for. You can expect less than 100 euros.