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Title: France Student visa
Post by: nora on July 16, 2017, 09:44:11 am

I am a Singaporean student going for an exchange to France this upcoming August. I have already gotten my visa - Visa Type D with multiple entries. I will be flying into Italy for 11 days before flying into France. Also, I plan to take weekend trips during the semester. May I know will the travelling I'm taking be considered as part of the 90-180 rule on the tourist visa or it's ok since I have a student visa to travel around the Schengen area?

Title: Re: France Student visa
Post by: steven on August 08, 2017, 01:16:56 pm
You need to look at the visa sticker. There is a line labeled "Valid for" which lists countries for which the visa is valid. In case the line reads "Etats Schengen" (or any of its variant in some other language), you would be eligible for an uncoditonal travel to the whole Schengen zone. I suspect your typ D visa is probably limited just for France, as that is common practice. Should that be the case, you are eligible for a long-term stay in France only.

Whether you are eligible for travel (as a tourist) to other Schengen countries depends on your nationality. In case you are a Singapore citizen, you should not need visa to travel short-term to other Schengen countries. But note, in that case, for travelling to other Schengen countries, the 90/180 rule still applies.