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Title: Check Schengen Status?
Post by: crimson_fluf on August 01, 2017, 02:38:31 am
Hey all,
I've contacted the German Consulate in LA about a tricky situation I'm in, so first I'll catch you up on that.

I went to Germany mid-June of 2016 without applying for the Schengen (as an American Citizen), stayed the 90 says, then remained about a year until May of 2017 on a language visa. I was playing Futbol with a local club, and therefore overstayed my language visa 9 days to finish out the season.

As I was unsure whether or not this had re-activated my Schengen visa, or if I was an illegal alien for 9 days I contacted the consulate to try and check whether or not I can return in the coming weeks. They were less than helpful and told me I must now apply for a visa to check whether or not I was logged as 'overstaying'. Upon exiting the country the border guard seemed merely non-plussed that I showed him my visa instead of my residence card. I figured out the problem relatively quickly, and didn't notice a black mark on my passport and he didn't inform me of any 'overstay' status. But maybe that's not general practice.

Anyone know how I am able to check whether or not I'll be turned away at the border if I head there in the next few weeks?

I plan to head to my local consulate and see if a physical visit will get me the answers I need. But in the meantime I'm hoping to hear what the internet has to say about it.

Thanks for the read!

Title: Re: Check Schengen Status?
Post by: danisara on August 08, 2017, 02:28:37 pm
Did you get any fine when leaving Germany after your overstay? In case you did not get any fine and have not received anything in writing (thay you would be asked to sign) at the border control, you not need to worry about it. The more you inquiry about it at the embassy, the more you are likely to draw (negative) attention to you self.

Title: Re: Check Schengen Status?
Post by: bugibar on August 08, 2017, 02:30:08 pm
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