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Title: Schengen Visa Q&A
Post by: alpha_moin on August 08, 2017, 10:38:35 am
I am pakistani citizen i applied from karachi gerry visa office bahria complex my netherland visa refused please guide me i am reply for appeal answer or not please check below for refusel details:

toelichting Page I of I One or more member state(s) consider to bc a threat to public policy, security or public health ag defined in Article 2 (19) Of Regulation (EC) NO 562/2006 (Schengen Borders C,Ode) the relations Of or more Of the Membu States). One EU Member Stat% C-Sjection to your entry into the Schengen Area. To issue a Schengen visa in the face of this objection be damaging to international relations. Your intention to leave the territory Of the Member States before the expiry Of the Visa could Mt be Since it has not been demonstrated established to a reasonable degree Of that you a regular and substantial income in ycM country of originÆabitual to yourself, it is not felt to be probable that you will return to your country of origin promptly. due in pan to the in country Of residence and/or your ties In this it sEwuld nNed that oftlæ for issue is the of illegal migration. In determining whether there is a risk of illegal migration, authorities e.wl ine the and general situatiCN1 in your Of origWlong-tetm residence and your SFCific persona I Y to leave the Of the States before the expiry Of the vig not ascertained. You have failed to demonstrate that you have significant ties to your Cc'*intry Of origin country Of habitual residence. AS a result. your prompt return following the intended Stay cannot In this i: Should noted of for issue of visas is p:cvcntion of migration. In whether there is risk Of illegal migration. immigration authorities examine the hu:al and general situation an applicant's country of G-igWlOng-term residence and his/her specific Sufficient for the purpose and Of interxled Stay was not provided. A ltlwugh you the place of dVKing your trip is in the state of destination you indicated, this is not supported by the documents submitted. for the and circumstances of the intended slay was not provided. You were unable to provide plausible. verifiable information about the purpoR and circumstances of your Stay. Consequently, it Cannot be determined With Sufficient certainty that all the for issue Of a visa have met. may the decision within 4 weeks after the date on which the decision An can be Sent to: Immigration Naturalisatton PO. BOX 2, 9560 Ter Tlæ The lest is a in English of the Dutch to is for infi»rmetion Nu rights this schikkingSameWAfdruk... 02-08-2017

Title: Re: Schengen Visa Q&A
Post by: apapunas on August 08, 2017, 02:57:03 pm
You can submit an appeal. Please, look through this forum, many other posters have asked this question already.