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Title: Visa to France refused twice for an Indian
Post by: C on September 14, 2017, 07:19:03 pm
I am hoping someone can help me with my "situation" - I am a French national with an Indian boyfriend whose visa application has been refused twice.
Apparently the reasons for his travels were not sufficient the first time round.
Second application - reason for travel insufficient and reason to believe he would leave France not either - although we did state we are a couple, and i submitted an attestation d'accueil, and bank details as well as pay slips and employer name etc. We had return flight tickets, invitation letters from family members, all the possible info we thought would make our case strong.
Apparently we are both of marriageable age, have too much money, and we have reason to believe our application was too good  ;)
He is unemployed in India but has strong ties there - family, property, court cases running, studies etc.
We have been wondering whether to appeal this decision - he believes the appeal can take a very long time, and whilst waiting for a decision to come through, he cannot apply anywhere else or travel.
Is marriage the only appeal we have?  :)
Does anyone have ideas?
Thank you

Title: Re: Visa to France refused twice for an Indian
Post by: zaragoza on November 22, 2017, 11:18:28 am
Reading the details of your case, you can try appealing the decision, that is what the appeal process is intended for; however, you need to submit some new, additional arguments with the appeal that will convince the appeal body to over turn the embassy decision. All those facts - that you are of marriage age, you boyfriend is unebployed, you two are friends, etc., trully give the embassy reason to believe he would not return from France back to his country. The situatin in Europe is currently very unfavorable, as there is a large wave of refugees trying to get to Europe from the middle-east and south. Considering the fact that his visa application has been rejected twice already, I would see a marriage as the best option.

What court cases does he have running? Wouldn't that be more of a reason to emmigrate than a "strong tie"? (at least from the embassy's decision making process perspective)

Title: Re: Visa to France refused twice for an Indian
Post by: Emanuel manu on March 12, 2018, 07:56:38 am
Hello Crista,
                   It will be better to go for an appeal rather than re-submission for the third time. I can understand your issue. It is really strange how the things work in French embassy. In case of french visa rejection letter, they provide a letter with 1 to 10 reasons. One of those or more than one will be checked in to prove that those are the reasons that they think to reject the visa application. But what happens is, most of the times they check a column saying "not reliable" and we will not have a clue or hint what went wrong? Its really crazy. If your friend's application have rejected twice without a reason, it is better to go for an appeal rather than going for a third time application. Another strange thing is, we dont have an email to contact or number to call in the rejection letter. Only thing available is an address and in fact we might feel like we are taking a risk of sending an appeal to a postal address that we are not sure whether they will accept it etc. But thats the only option. Prepare an appeal letter, attach your proofs to prove that why you should be allowed to travel to france and send it to the given address. Most of the time its takes more than 60 days to get a reply. But that is the chance that you can take rather than applying for the third time, because you never know what went wrong or what to add etc. All the best Crista and I hope that your friend gets the visa and soon you both meet. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. God Bless!!!