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Title: Urgent help with Schengen Visa Remarks
Post by: Moe12345 on November 16, 2017, 09:48:37 pm
Hello I have received a Schengen Visa and in remarks there is a number 2750174837 and bnl2. Does anybody know what is the meaning of this?

Title: Schengen Visa BNL2 code
Post by: apapunas on November 22, 2017, 04:55:01 pm
The 2750174837 is your case number. The BNL2 is a Community Code which indicates legal instruments governing decisions in relation to the conditions and procedures for issuing your visa. These codes contribute to transparency and to clarify the existing rules. They also increases the harmonization of procedures and strengthens legal certainty and procedural guarantees.

- BNL 1 : visa issued following authorisation by the central authorities
- BNL 2 : visa issued ex officio
- BNL 3 + name of the border point of entry and/or the date of entry: this code is only be indicated for security reasons in exceptional cases.
- BNL 4 : visa issued in the framework of representation following consultation of the represented State
- BNL 5 + x days: the visa holder must report to the police within "x days"
- BNL 8 : visa issued for "medical treatment". If appropriate, the name of the hospita l in question can be added to this code.
- BNL 10 : visa issued for "study purposes"
- BNL 11 : visa issued for the purpose of "family reunification"
- BNL 12 : visa issued for "professional purposes"
- BNL 13 : visa issued for "business purposes"
- BNL 14 : visa issued with a view to "adoption"
- BNL 15 : C visas issued to aliens posted to an embassy, consulate, representation or international organisation, and to members of their family, spouse, children and domestic staff living in their household and dependent on them.
- BNL 16 : visa issued for "partnership"
- BNL 17 : visa issued for "marriage"
- BNL18: + name of accompanying parent or guardian: for visas issued to minors who travel accompanied
- BNL19: + name of host: for visas issued to minors who travel unaccompanied

You do not need to worry about your codes.