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Title: Shengen visa overstay - trying to minimize my fine or ban upon departure!
Post by: Canadiantryingtoavoidaban on August 13, 2018, 07:31:53 am
Hey guys, thanks for helping me out with this unique situation in advance. I wish I found this forum when I made the rash decisions to stay in Europe without digging deeper into the details.

I'm a Canadian citizen who's been in Europe for 7 months now. I arrived in January on a 6 month French student visa and decided to stay in Italy for the summer.

I'm realizing now that I was probably misinformed that I could simply begin my 90 day tourist visa in Italy right after my French one expired.

I haven't left the Schengen region since April and I arrived in Italy at the beginning of June.

Have I been overstaying for a month now and will I be in trouble at departure no matter what? If I remain in Italy for another month, will my punishment likely be much more severe or is one month or two months  of overstay likely going to result in the same consequences?

My biggest concern at this point, aside from the fact that I could be so stupid as not to look into this in advance, is where should I fly home from to have the best chances of avoiding a ban with the smallest possible fine? (Ideally none at all lol)

Thanks again,


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