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Title: Schengen VISA question.
Post by: robiitw on August 28, 2018, 02:21:58 pm
My girlfriend has a Danish residence permit. She came to Romania on the 20th of January, left for a day to Hungary on 10th of March, came back the same day then left Romania on the 13th of April.

She came back on the 14th Of August, and they told her she can only stay for about 35 days (because it counts backwards to February, and she's been here for 55 days from February to April).

If she leaves the country for a day in the middle of September an comes back, will she have another month left? (Because it should count from March then, and she's been here 1 month from March to April + the month she stayed now from August to September).

Thanks and have a nice day!