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Title: Family visit visa of schengen counties
Post by: Sktees on November 10, 2018, 01:18:26 pm
i am pakistani citizen and have  well settled business here in pakistan..
I travelled

Uk 2 times
Saudia (with wife)

And got refusal from switzerland embassy 2 years bwforw  when i applied for swiss visa with my mother who also have visit visa of Usa.

Now my family is insiting to plan a few days holidays tour to europe ..i just wana ask either there is chances of getting schengen visa of my family
My wife(travelled once with me to saudia?
Kids 6 year and 3 years old (no travel history )

I can support and bear all the expanses of holiday trip

Anyone who have experience of gettinh family visit visa of schengen…(also share his case detail)
And which country is more lenient for giving visitor visa?
What about netherland?

Plz share.ur experience