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Title: Over stay US tourist visa by 3+ years
Post by: Zaphod on November 28, 2018, 06:27:39 am

I'm an American Citizen who has over stayed his Schengen 90 tourist visa by a loooong time as the topic says.

The whole time I have been here I supported my monetarily self with busking almost entirely.
I became depressed and started making not the best decisions for my self.
I haven't been involved in any criminal activity.
I don't think I even have any unpiad tickets.

But now I've put my life back together and want to return home. I am in Portugal. I want to minimize all risk an penalty in leaving Europe.
Can any one suggest the safest way out of Europe into the US, are there better countries to fly from?
I was planning just to fly into the US from Lisbon?
What are the chances of being caught flying from Lisbon?
If caught what can I expect (I plan to cooperate with the police) to happen?
I will be flying with my dutch girlfriend, if this changes any thing i dont know I am just trying to provide aas much info as possible.
If I am caught, how long would I be held by the police typically before being deported? If it's going to be a long time like 3 months maybe I want to plan ahead.

Any and all advice and info you can give me would help. ???