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Title: Got Passport Stamp from Wrong Port of Entry.
Post by: abrar on January 27, 2019, 02:44:20 pm

i got my visa from Hungary embassy for Lithuania (Hungary embassy is dealing for Lithuanian short term visas ). i booked a flight from Islamabad to Vilnius. my itinerary was below,

Islamabad to Abu-Dhabi
Abu-Dhabi to Amsterdam
Amsterdam to Vilnius

boarding card was given at Islamabad airport for Islamabad to Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam and i was being told by airline that at Amsterdam airport you will be given new boarding pass.

when i landed at Amsterdam airport and i was heading to my flight Amsterdam to Vilnius. they stamped my passport for arrival. i told them that my port of entry is Vilnius not Amsterdam. they replied, its okay that's a normal procedure and we have to stamp your passport. after getting my passport stamped i went straight for my next flight from Amsterdam to Vilnius ( i didn't go out from airport ) after reaching at Vilnius airport, nobody stamped my passport.

my question is that when i was applying for a visa. i mentioned that my first port of entry will be Lithuania and i booked the ticket for Lithuania but there is no Lithuanian immigration stamp on my passport but Amsterdam. will that effect my commitment with you embassy because i told immigration staff that my port of entry is Vilnius not Amsterdam.

i have all my boarding passes and tags.i got my luggage from Vilnius airport.

please reply me if there is any issue then i can go immigration staff again and get this issue fixed.

Thanks in advance.