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Title: Can I leave n return immediately after Long Stay Visa expires without new visa
Post by: connieljh on February 08, 2019, 08:27:51 pm
Hi everyone, greetings and thank you in advance for reading and any advices.

I am Australian living in France with an 1 year Long Stay (Visitor) Visa. The long stay visa expires in 10 days on the 21st of Feb 2019. But after that I need to go to Madrid and stay there for a few more weeks. If I leave France and go to London on the 21st of Feb, can I come back immediately to Schengen area (Madrid) on the 22nd of Feb to stay another 90 days?

Some extra information about my situation
I didn't extend my Long Stay Visa in France when there was still enough time to do so. This morning, something happened and I need to extend my stay by 6-8 weeks beyond 21st of Feb. I don't think the fact of my husband is German citizen will help with my situation, will it?

Does anyone know how I can stay legally stay a few more weeks?

Thank you!