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Title: Schengen Business Visa - Passport Expiry
Post by: Jamwhat on April 08, 2019, 04:32:16 pm
My passport expires in another 10 months from now i.e, 08-Feb-2020. My employer has asked me to apply for 1 year Schengen Business Visa today i.e, 08-APR-2019 as I will be travelling multiple times to Europe this year on business. My passport is already stamped with a Schengen Visa (which is expired now) last year as I had traveled on a business trip for 2 weeks. Now, can I apply for a Schengen Business Visa for 1 year(assuming if visa stamped successfully today 08-APR-2019, the validity of the visa for 1 year would be 07-APR-2020. But my passport validity expires well before 08-APR-2020 ,i.e 08-Feb-2020) with my passport getting expired on 08-Feb-2020. Would the VISA validity be from 08-APR-2019 to 07-APR-2020 even though my passport gets expired on 08-Feb-2020?