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Title: Getting Working Permit After Schengen Overstay
Post by: gigapuddi on July 13, 2021, 08:21:14 pm
Hello Everyone,

I wonder if there are still a few people checking out the topics  :) I hope so...

I have been to Germany to attend a training by my company. It is a German company in Turkey so I was sent to Germany for a three month training. However, during my stay, they prolonged my training one more month to a four month period. At the border police I had the biggest shock of my life. The police told me that I overstayed for 30 days! As my flight announced the last call, I signed two German documents and one document in my mother tongue. I gave my address in Germany and signed the documents. With the stress I couldn't check the documents and asked for a copy but the police refused as he didn't have a copy machine.
Since 28th of February I haven't heard from them.
I quit my job at the end of March. I applied for a visa in April but it was refused because I was early (90/180) and I misused the former visa. The box for early application was ticked but not the other article with treat.
Now the real deal... I got a job offer and I actually got accepted. My company will apply for a working permit in Germany. I am considering applying for a Blue Card Visa. How do you think I should proceed? I have the proof from my former job that I stayed for four month for training purposes.
Can someone please help me?
Thanks! :(