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Title: Welcome to the Suggestions and Feedback Forum!
Post by: mod on October 15, 2008, 08:15:41 pm

The purpose of the Suggestions & Feedback board is to let the forum administrators and developers know any suggestions, recommendations, or concerns you might have. We appreciate any constructive feedback or criticism or suggestions for improvements, and we will do our best to hear your voice.

When writing to us, please, be specific. Include a complete description of your contribution. Although messages such as "it does not work", or "can you add a button to that page" let us know that something is going on, they do not include enough information for us to find out the details.

While we do not guarantee we will implement every suggestion we recieve, we do guarantee to read each and every one of them. It may take us some time to implement a good suggestion but rest assured that if it is something we feel is valuable we will get to it.

Thanks for your contribution. It is greatly appreciated!


your Maxi-Pedia team