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Title: Expired Schengen Visa
Post by: misha on December 31, 2010, 12:52:16 pm
Hello Evryone,
                  Well now i got a problem,I am international student in sweden .My visa is expiring on Jan 10th 2010 and I am leaving to my home country on Jan 17th 2010 i am overstaying for 7days . I have already applied for swedish visa 2months ago this time the processing time is 5months .But i have to leave to my country due to ill health and i cant travel before jan10th since i got presentation on 14th . Thing is can i travel from copenhagen to my home country without getting red stamp on it.I have the acknowledgement letter that i have applied for visa extension.Please help me out guys i need some advise.

Title: Re: Expired Schengen Visa
Post by: porsche on January 04, 2011, 08:26:33 am
It is hard to advise because as you say you overstay schengen visa, and that is not allowed. Overstaying schengen visa can mean nothing (the border officer may not even notice or care), it can also mean a hefty fine (I know one guy who got 600 eur fine for overstaying his visa by 20 days in Switzerland), and it can also mean a ban on entry for 1-5 years. So, it really depends on who reads your passport when you go through a passport control at the airport. I am not sure, but I thought visa extension processing time is 30 days and not 5 months, that is very very unusual. If you try your luck and stay over the 10th, be sure to bring along all the supporting documentation, letters, etc. (if you get questioned at the airport, you can increase your ods by showing that you are a very good visitor). If they see you are a good guy, they might be less strict.

Title: Re: Expired Schengen Visa
Post by: misha on January 05, 2011, 06:28:02 pm
Hii Thank you well i should try since i am a student and i even have aknowledgement letter with me and will also take some letter from my university . In airports passport is usually checked by airhostess for issuing a boarding pass and before boarding the flight  will see what happens.