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Title: looking for a way out!
Post by: Adam Smith on February 13, 2013, 09:06:57 pm
Hello to the forum, :)

Ok lets get down to business.
I'm an American who's looking to get back to the USA.
I'm sure their are plenty of people here who would love to say I'm a bad person for staying too long in Germany.
My identity was stolen, and at the same time my only paying jobs were here in I stayed.
Also, since my identity was stolen it took some time to get that cleared up!!

Anyways, my question is rather than go through the headache of all the official cutting of redtape, I just want to go home.
A couple months back I flew to London for some quick work ( I'm a musician ).
I had no problem with any security checking my passport stamp...why didn't they check my time stamp for how long I'd been in the Schengen territory?
Is this because the UK isn't apart of Schengen territory?

Finally, wouldn't it make sense for me to avoid all the problems with my overstay, and just fly to the UK, then buy a new ticket and flight home?