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Title: Schengen tourist visa after residence permit expires
Post by: tonez13 on August 29, 2015, 03:04:30 pm

I am just trying to work out how this 90/180 days rule work. So I am from Australia and entered Germany on 24.03.15 as a tourist visa. I obtained a residence permit for my internship that is valid from 31.03.15 till 30.09.15. As far as I know, they will give me about a week extension so that I have time to pack etc.

Now I am planning to travel to Italy, Romania and Germany for the first couple weeks of October. I will then head back to Australia from Germany in mid October.

So will I be able to do this without having to leave the Schengen area and re-enter as a tourist again to 'reset' this cooldown. Also since I was staying with a residence permit, it says it doesn't count towards the 90 days. As 01.10.15 is more than 180 days since I first entered Germany, doesn't the period reset again?

Thanks in advance