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Title: Entry banned for 3 years after they'd fined me EUR 320 for 11 days overstay
Post by: Aisha on November 05, 2015, 01:51:38 pm
Hello there!

I travelled to Germany from India early 2015 on 2 months VISA for office / business purpose and it was my first ever travel outside India. Since it was official, it's the department in office who managed the travel documentations. Towards the end of my stay, my project asked me to stay for 2 more weeks to finish some more trainings and I did. They only extended my flight ticket and didn't do anything about my VISA. Unaware of the issue, I reached airport for my travel back after the extended stay. The border security police took me to their office and made me pay EUR 320 and made me sign few papers, which didn't have any clause like, I am committing a crimila offense or anything. Even the police officers were extremely polite and told me that by signing I am accepting that I understand that I have committed a minor offense and even I might get the money back. So, after 6 months I am applying again, and the consulate called me and said they cannot issue me a VISA, because I am BANNED to enter Germany for another 3 YEARS. My whole career depends on this!! I tried caling the Bangalore Consulate office and a lady without even listening to me started shouting at me asking why I overstayed. To be honest, I DIDN'T KNOW that I am committing a mistake. I am a law abiding citizen and haven't even broken TRAFFIC RULES in my entire life!! It's devastating and I am falling behind in my career.

I read there is an Annex 2 to request to limit the ban, but then I do not know the PROCEDURE to request this. Can anyone help me here, I'd be really grateful!! Any contact point, any procedures, would do. Now that my office guys are leat helpful, I wrote to the VISA office in Cologne and got their reply, but of not much help. However they have mentioned about limiting this ban by requesting to the reporting officer, whom I don't know! Please help!!