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Overstayed 6 days in Norway Schengen visa type C single entry 19 days validity

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« on: September 22, 2019, 02:44:52 am »


Recently I traveled to Norway for a job interview by company with valid Schengen visa, SINGLE ENTRY - TYPE C (business visa) with 19 DAYS VALIDITY

I traveled to Norway on 10th of September and completed my job interview successfully during 11th and 12th September.
Company offered me the job and I took it.

Originally I was planned to return on 12th September however on 12th Sept company and I mutually agreed that I will stay another week in order to complete familiarization etc.

So my original ticket was cancelled and new flights were booked to depart on 19th September as follows : Norway - Copenhagen - Munich - Mumbai
Everything was going smooth until when I was questioned on 20th Sept by Immigration officer in Munich airport (before boarding flight to Mumbai) as why did I overstay when my visa was allowed to stay only for 4 DAYS

This was shocking to me.
Obviously in the whole process, I had not realized that there is limitation for my stay ( Duration of stay 4 days ) in Norway and blunder had happened.
I had missed to notice this and only remembered that visa is valid until 27th September.
It was unintentional from my end, neither do company HR people checked this before postponing my flights etc.
My stay was extended without knowledge of limitation of stay.

I explained the immigration officer all the truth and original plan etc. however he didn’t agree.

I was taken to the inquiry office by Immigration person (police).
After few questions, and noting down my residence address (India home town address) and my job position details, company name, I was made sit for about 1/2 an hour.
Later, I was shown and asked to sign a form and declaration which stated that overstaying and not having a valid Schengen visa is illegal and punishable act etc.
Due to time constraint and nervousness I did not read every word of the form and signed as per instructions from Police.

I was told by police that my case will be presented to the judge who will decide next course of action.
Also I was shown a name on the form who will act on my behalf to present my case etc. (I don’t remember exactly).
As per Police , I will be informed if any action is needed.

I am obviously very scared that what will happen next.
Just to let you know, my company is also preparing my work permit through a 3rd party agency in Norway.
My plan is to re-enter Norway soon in next month and appear in front of Norway police to process the Norwegian work permit and then get residence card. I have planned to work and stay in Norway and company is processing the formalities for that.

I have informed above incident to Norway officer HR person, who mentioned that let’s see what happens next and she would help.
I have not informed this to work permit agency thinking that it might be all okay, nothing will happen and to avoid unnecessary mix-up at this stage.

In order to return and apply for work permit, I need to re-apply visa in next month.

Frankly, I have many questions in mind and am afraid what will happen next.
Will I be punished, fined or not allowed to enter Schengen region ?
Will I be rejected the next visa which I am planning to re-apply in next month ?
Will my new job proposal be withdrawn by company in case this issue escalates ?

Your kind and urgent reply will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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« on: September 22, 2019, 02:44:52 am »

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