Download NetStumbler

Download NetStumbler

Netstumbler is a very nice Windows-based tool for finding open wireless access points (this is also called "war driving"). NetStumbler is a Windows tool that allows you to discover 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g wireless LANs. It includes GPS integration and a simple, intuitive user interface.

Though primarily targeted at owners of wireless LANs, it has been the de facto tool for casual users such as "war drivers" since 2001.

Is Netstumbler free?

The tool is currently free but Windows-only. Linux users have to use other tools, such as airodump-ng. Netstumbler does not provide open-source, so it is a bit of a black box to developers.

Is there a Netstumbler available for PDAs?

Yes, Netstumbler distributes also a WinCE version for PDAs which is named Ministumbler.

I would like to see a print screen...

Here you can find a print screen of Netstumbler:

Download Netstumbler

Ready to get Netstumbler?

Known issues

Although this tool provides a nice graphical interface to wifi analysis, we experienced some freezes. After starting the application, the whole computer froze. It could have been a problem with the network card driver as well.

Where can I download Netstumbler?

Netstumbler can be downloaded at the following website:


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