AdSense revenue

AdSense revenue

Pictures shown below demonstrate how much AdSense revenue some people generated from the program. Although the golden times when people used to make thousands per day from AdSense revenue without any or with little work are probably gone, you can still make some nice revenue from the AdSense program. It is getting harder, but it still is possible.

How people generate AdSense revenue

There are many methods to generate AdSense revenue. Some of them are completely legitimate, some of them are a bit "black hat."

The simplest method relates to displaying AdSense advertising units on a web site (we do it too, to get an idea, take a look at the rectangle at the top-right side of this article). You place a code into your web site code, and then get paid for each click visitors execute on the ads. Google charges the advertisers a certain amount each time a visitor clicks on an ad. Then, Google gives the web site owner a share from this AdSense revenue. In case you are interested in making money with AdSense, take a look at our 36 tips and tricks on how to make money with AdSense: Make money with AdSense.

Now, let's get motivated. Below you can find a collection of AdSense revenue checks from people who volunteered to publicize their success.

adsense revenue

(FYI: If our information is correct, this amount of AdSense revenue has been generated with some 13 million impressions, 125 thousands clicks, page CTR 0.93%, and eCPM $9.87. Average AdSense revenue per click of some $1.06. All these numbers are on per month basis. See here for more details regarding these numbers and statistics of Shoemoney: AdSense earnings.)

And one more:

adsense revenue check

Well, I hear you asking "How is this possible, how did these people make it?" Checks like these are the reasons why AdSense sites have been the money-making craze of this decade. People are building websites just for the purpose of putting on Google ads and generating AdSense revenue.

These AdSense revenue checks shown above are exceptions to the rule of what an average Joe makes, but don't let that discourage you.

Realistic Google AdSense revenue

Google AdSense has been one of the most powerful methods for making money online and generating Google AdSense revenue for several years now, and although the golden times are gone, people still do make money and generate revenue from Google AdSense.

The AdSense revenue checks shown below are more along the lines of what you can expect from an average web site.

google adsense revenue


And if you are lucky and work hard, this is what your check might look like:

adsense revenue image


Motivated? Now find out how to start working towards your dream. 

Where do I start if I want to generate AdSense revenue?

So, how do you make this AdSense revenue? First, let's assure you that making a few hundreds of AdSense revenue per month is doable. Generating a few thousands per month, you will need to spend quite some time on your web site. Here is the first part of our How to make money with AdSense guide that explains what your expectations can be:

Make money with Google AdSense

Before you go to the link above, feel free to check out some of the resources referenced below.

Also remember that AdSense revenue is taxable income, see here: How to report and tax Google AdSense income.

Questions about AdSense revenue

In case you have any questions, feel free to visit our SEO discussion forum.


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