Make money with Google AdSense

Make money with Google AdSense

Make money with Google adsense is the concept behind great part of today's on-line economics. Many people make nice money with Google AdSense that allows them to quit their regular jobs. This Make money with Google AdSense guide explains in three parts 36 tips and tricks that will help you to make money with Google AdSense to pay your mortgage or save for pension.

This guide has been written by a team of professionals with many years of experience in on-line business and making money with Google AdSense.

Make money with Google AdSense - 4 pillars

Before we get into the details of how to make money with Gogle AdSense, we should explain the four most important dimensions of the Google AdSense money making machine. Your success with the AdSense program depends on four things:

1. Earnings-Per-Click (EPC) of your ads (this is how much the advertiser has to pay to you through Google if your visitor clicks an ad on your web site).

2. Page impressions (this is directly related to the number of people who visit your web site and view your web pages).

3. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your ads (this is the ratio of people who click the ads on your pages).

4. Vital but often neglected know-how. There are many important things nobody tells you about. When you read our Make money with Google AdSense guide, you will see that they are pretty much common sense, but the problem is that as people get overwhelmed by so many things and concentrate on traffic or CTR, people just tend to forget or avoid these.

It is probably obvious that you need to employ different techniques to improve in each of these areas, but the important point is that they are closely related, and you need to consider all four when optimizing your web site. Our make money with Google AdSense guide focuses on all four of these dimensions.

How quickly can I make money with Google AdSense and how much?

make money with google adsenseMany people ask the question "How quickly can I make money with Google AdSense and become rich?" If you are reading this page, you probably want to know how your site compares to "others" and what is the potential of Google AdSense. It is no secret that the golden times of when people used to make hundreds of dollars per day just from Google AdSense alone are gone for good. But, you can still make money with Google AdSense to pay your bills, pay your mortgage, pay for your pension. See the following real world example:

Real world example:

Impressions: 30,000 / month
Click-Through-Rate (CTR): 5%
Earnings-Per-Click (EPC): 20 cents

Let's say, you have a web site that attracts some 1,000 visitors (page impressions) per day (= 30,000 / month). A web site like this is no big deal. A web site like this can be done in a few months of evening work. You can write articles about your hobby or commentaries on current economic and political situation, whatever, anything you enjoy.

Most small web sites average some 5% Click-Through-Rate. Many small web sites run between 5 and 10% CTR, but having 10% CTR is more of a dream that only MFA (Made For AdSense) web sites have. 5% is a nice CTR which you can accomplish relatively easily, especially if you have a niche content web site with well positioned Google AdSense ads (See Heat map for more on this.).

If you do the math now, your 30,000 monthly visitors generate 1,500 clicks / month. Per click payout averaging 20 cents is pretty common, so if we do 1,500 clicks times 20 cents, we get $300 per month. Of course, you have to subtract some costs such as web hosting and domain registration, but those are minimal (less than $10). I hear, you say $300 per month is not much. But considering that you spend only several weeks of your evening free time to set this up, and then you keep getting this annuity for many years down the road effortless?

Now imagine how much you would be making if you have 10 web sites like this? Or, what if you concentrate your effort on for example increasing the Click-Through-Rate? Do the math, if you increase your CTR to 7% (which is doable with our Make money with Google AdSense guide), your monthly earnings jump 40% to $420!

General rule...

A very generalized rule is that you make some $10 per day per each 1,000 visitors. We underlined the word "generalized" because this rule greatly varies depending on how much time and effort you put into your web site and how well you do with AdSense, content, traffic, and SEO optimization. $10 per day per each 1,000 visitors is a number applicable to average blogs and content web sites. We provide this rule here just to give you some general idea what you can expect.

How much money you make from Google AdSense depends on how well you do with optimization and how fast you can produce your web sites and content. Take a look at some Google AdSense revenue success stories here: AdSense revenue and AdSense earnings.

Make really big money with Google AdSense...

make big money with google adsenseIf you wanted to make enough money with Google AdSense to quit your regular job, you would probably have to get involved with practices such as discussion forum, social networking site, AdSense arbitrage and similar activities. Just do the math again. If you run a discussion forum with 30,000 visitors per day (which is doable, but that is more of a full time professional job), then using the assumptions in our example, you make some nice $9,000 per month. But making money with Google AdSense in a successful discussion forum is another story. More on this later. We will focus on average guys now.

The beauty of making money with Google AdSense

The answer to the How quickly can I make money with Google AdSense and how much? question depends on how quickly you can make those 10 web sites. Maybe 2 years? Long time, I know, but here is the beauty:

You make money with Google AdSense even when you sleep!

Once you have your 10 web sites set up, they keep earning when you eat, when you party, and even when you sleep.

Now let's get to the second part of our Make money with Google AdSense guide.

Make money with AdSense guide (part 2 - tips & tricks)

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