Windows Media Player cannot play DVD

Windows Media Player cannot play DVD

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer

You get this error message if you try to play a DVD on a computer with Windows Media Player that has not been upgraded to play DVDs. Your computer is missing so called DVD decoder.

How can I find out if I have DVD decoder?

Go to your Start menu and click Run.

Then, type dvdupgrd /detect and press ENTER.

After you run the dvdupgrd /detect command, any detected DVD decoders will be listed in a message box.

| Detected DVD decoders  |
|                        |
| No decoders found      |
| W2k Upgrade=no         |
| Win9x Upgrade=no       |
| LCID=0409              |
|                        |

Yes indicates that there is an upgrade available from the manufacturer for both Microsoft Windows 98/95 and Microsoft Windows 2000 versions of the software.

How do I upgrade my DVD decoder?

Before you try upgrading your computer, read the section below and check the Microsoft website for compatibility. If an upgrade is available for your DVD decoder program, then do the following steps:

Go to your Start menu and click Run.

Then, type dvdupgrd /upgrade and press ENTER.

After you run the dvdupgrd /upgrade command, you will be directed to the manufacturer's Web site where the upgrade is located. Follow the instructions on the Web site to obtain and install the upgrade for your DVD decoder program.

After you are done, you can run the dbdupgrd /detect command and check if the decoder has been upgraded. If yes, you should see something similar to the following screen:

| Detected DVD decoders           |
|                                 |
| DShow SW:                       |
| Name:""                 |
| Company Name:"CyberLing Corp."  |
| Version:             |
| Product Version:     |
| CRC32: 0x5b5e67ad               |
| VID:2                           |
|                                 |
| W2k Upgrade=no                  |
| Win9x Upgrade=no                |
| LCID=0409                       |
|                                 |


Is my DVD player/decoder compatible?

You can check this by going to the Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility List web site. This website lists DVD decoders that may work with Windows Media Player for Windows XP. To view the Windows Hardware Compatibility List web site, go to the following address:

This website will check your computer. You must be connected to the Internet for the procedure to work correctly. You must also have administrator or user rights in Windows XP Professional or owner rights in Windows XP Home Edition.

Upgrade did not work - what to try next?

It can happen that after you upgrade the decoder, you are still unable to play DVDs. In that case, try upgrading your codecs. Installing the k-lite codec pack usually solves most problems.



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