Word letter mixer (disorganizer)

Word letter mixer (disorganizer)

Word letter mixer (disorganizer) is a nice tool that takes each word from the form and distorts or disorganizes its content. The word letter mixer (disorganizer) leaves the first and the last letter in place and shuffles all other letters within the word. This word letter shuffler can be used to create "semi-encoded" text that is still readable.

How the Word letter mixer (disorganizer) works?

Type your original text in the first box, and the text will be distorted immediately. If you wish to distort the text further, hit the "Disorganize the text" button.

Word letter mixer (disorganizer) example

If you enter the following phrase:

 "Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania"

you might get something similar to the following:

"Pehadplhiila is the lergsat city in Pnvsynlaniea"

As you can see, the text is still readable yet disorganized.

Word letter mixer (disorganizer)

Type your original phrase here (normal text):

Text with mixed letters:

Shuffle letters again:

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Neat, isn't it?

How does the word letter disorganizer work? How is this possible?

The explanation can be found in one quite famous sentence:

"Arncdiocg to a rscareeehr (ics) at Cimbrdgae Utyrvsiein, it dsoe'nt matetr in waht oerdr the ltetres in aa wrod aer, the only irnptaomt tinhg is that the frist and last letetr be at the rhgit pleac. The rest can be aa tatol mses and you can sitll read it wiotuht pbolemr. This is buscaee the hmaun mind does not raed eervy letter by istlef but the word as aa woelh."

Scientists studying the psychology of language (psycholinguists) came to a few conclusions when studying human mind and how language works with respect to letters and word order:

- There is a significant delay to reading rate when any type of transposition is made.
- The first and last letters of words are more important than the internal.
- Nonadjacent transposition can be made, and it is still possible to read the word.
- Transposition of vowels is more damaging to reading than transposition of consonants.
- The implication of transposition is that when we read a word, the brain recognizes the letters first but then organizes them into their spaces later.

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Have fun!


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