System error 67 has occurred

System error 67 has occurred

What does the "System error 67 has occurred" message mean?

This can happen when using the NET USE networking command.

Let's use an example. When mapping a drive on a server and launching some application using a script, we usually use the NET USE networking command. For example, the following script:

If Exist "Q:\Apache_v14_4_1\" Goto :launch

net use Q: /delete
net use Q: \\web-server-01\Apache\ /persistent:yes
cd /d Q:\QRMAL14_1_176

call Apache_ERFMain.exe

If you do the mapping with the red back slash, you will receive the System error 67 has occurred error message.

In layman's terms, this really means "the network name cannot be found."

This message happens because of the back slash. The back slash signifies that you are looking for a folder lower than Apache_v14_4_1. The solution is to get rid of the 2nd slash. So, the statement would be the following:

net use Q: \\web-server-01\Apache /persistent:yes

System error 67 occurred related message

The System error 67 occurred message is very similar to the System error 85 has occurred message as it also relates to mapping.

Where can I find more information?

The NET USE command page provides a lot of helpful information relevant to this topic.

The NET SHARE command page talks about sharing folders from the server perspective.

I need help with System error 67 has occured

See our discussion forum, some answers related to System error 67 has occured can be found there.

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